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Silence Ephemera, formerly known for sharing music from emerging artists, has evolved into a start-up dedicated to the development of the music industry. We are pleased to announce the launch of the beta version of our NFT music video sharing platform, scheduled for September 2023.

Our platform, named "Wonderplace", aims to connect and inspire music lovers by offering listeners the opportunity to discover new artists, expand their social circle by connecting with other music lovers, and contribute to the development of artists' careers by collecting music videos through NFT technology.

The beta version of Wonderplace will offer several exciting features, including the creation of communities to bring together friends and fans of a specific music genre. Users will be able to share video moments, support their favourite artists and actively participate in their success. In addition, Wonderplace will offer artists the ability to sell their music as NFTs, allowing fans to own a piece of their artistic journey.

Silence Ephemera's NFT music video sharing platform marks a revolution in the music industry, offering artists and fans an innovative way to connect through music. NFTs allow fans to own music tracks, creating a closer bond and unique relationship between music fans and artists.

Join us on this new adventure at the intersection of music, technology and community. Stay tuned for the launch of Wonderplace in September 2023 and get ready for an extraordinary musical experience

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