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Revolutionary blockchain ticketing platform, NFT-TiX, is pleased to unveil its multi-year partnership with Unum Festival, one of Albania's most anticipated music festivals. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the music and entertainment industry, bringing together art, music and technology in a unique way.

Ticket sales for Unum Festival will begin on May 5th at 12 pm CEST, and the festival itself will take place from June 1st to 6th in the picturesque coastal town of Shengjin.

The collaboration between NFT-TiX and Unum Festival revolutionizes the ticketing process, providing a secure and seamless experience for festival attendees. By using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) instead of traditional tickets, the passes are unique and cannot be duplicated. Smart contracts play a vital role in automating the ticketing process, ensuring efficiency and tamper-proof entry permits.

This innovative ticketing approach eliminates ticket fraud and scalping, creating a fair and risk-free environment for all festival-goers.

To buy tickets for the Unum festival, participants need to register on the platform, create a profile and connect their crypto wallets. This user-friendly process is accessible to blockchain technology enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Once users have created their profile, they can browse the marketplace to find Unum Festival and execute a smart contract for their NFT tickets. Once purchased, the tickets will be available in the user's account, ready for use during the event.

At the point of entry, the NFT-TiX process is similar to that of traditional platforms, the only difference being that the scanned ticket is an NFT instead of a QR code or barcode. This revolutionary approach combines the best of both worlds, offering enhanced security, greater convenience and a fair ticketing experience for all.

NFT-TiX is also proud to supply other renowned festivals, including Exit, extending its reach and impact on the music festival scene.


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