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In the music world, a new trend is gaining momentum and getting artists and fans excited about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFTs, which are unique and indivisible digital tokens, offer exciting new possibilities for artists and music fans.

The music NFT market is growing exponentially, allowing artists to sell and monetise their music in innovative ways. With this technology, artists can create unique works, exclusive albums, musical memorabilia and even interactive virtual experiences.

Music NFTs include songs, albums, lyrics and sound clips. Many artists released their first album as an NFT last year. Music can even be incorporated into digital art using jpg or gif formats, creating unique pieces of art.

The music NFT market was estimated to be worth USD 1240.3 million in 2021 and is expected to reach a market value of USD 42,380.2 million by 2032. According to Market Decipher's research.

Musicians have been underpaid for decades, and singers and musicians are particularly affected by this situation. Musicians using streaming services fare even worse. Most of the artists in Spotify's top 0.8% earn less than $50,000 in streaming revenue.

Through this market we can tap into new ways of connecting artists and their fans. Fans can become owners of rare and sought-after music, strengthening their connection to their favourite artists. In addition, NFTs allow artists to benefit directly from the sales of their works, without intermediaries.

We are a player in this market because we provide a video sharing space that allows artists to benefit from fair compensation, by passing the financial problems encountered in the traditional music industry.

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Music NFTs represent an exciting development in the music industry, offering new opportunities for artists and fans. It is important to keep a close eye on this market and explore the opportunities it can offer, while remaining aware of the challenges and issues that come with it.

Whether you are an artist or a music fan, music NFTs are definitely something to watch closely. They could well shape the future of the music industry by enabling greater creativity, a stronger connection between artists and fans, and new revenue streams.


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