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There are several interesting music news this month!

Regarding album releases :

Jonas Brothers fans can now mark their calendars for the official release of The Album, which is scheduled for 12 May 2023.

The three brothers are also gearing up to defend their sixth album live, with tour dates yet to be announced later this year. Eager fans can look forward to hearing new songs from the band live.

Moby recently decided to delve into his musical repertoire and selected fifteen of his most iconic songs for his new album 'Resound NYC'. These songs were written between 1994 and 2010 while the artist was living in New York, and the new versions offer a vibrant, brassy, more contemporary sound.

Among the reworked tracks are the sublime desperation of 'When It's Cold I'd Like to Die', which was featured in the recent Netflix series finale 'Stranger Things', and the frantic rhythms of 'Extreme Ways', the famous theme song from the 'Jason Bourne' film franchise. Overall, these reworked tracks are filled with a new and revitalising energy.

Available on 12 May 2023.

The festivities of the month :

The YUNG FEST will be held on 12 and 13 MAY 2023 in Montpellier! 3 crazy nights dedicated to rap and urban culture.

- 12 May / Tropisme : Rap night by Mehdi Maïzi, with FIEF and Ktouf as opening act.

- 13 May from 6pm / Zénith Sud: Tiakola, Caballero, Jeanjass, Kerchak, J9ueve, NeS, Jiddybruh.

- 13 May from midnight / Rockstore: #IceCream evening with Rakoto 3000, Maska, 1heure42.

2nd edition of the Rest In Zik festival on 12 and 13 May 2023 in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux will host an exceptional concert featuring several renowned artists such as Alkpote, Nuttea, A2h, Lino, Scred Connexion, Passi, Almä Mango, Mhache, Gokay and Ootman, Kemmler, and Cholo.

This evening promises to be an unmissable event for lovers of rap and urban music, with a varied and high quality programme.

Concerts not to be missed:

Luidji, the rapper from Île-de-France, is about to make his debut on the stage of the Zenith in Paris with two exclusive concerts scheduled for Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 May 2023. These shows promise to thrill music fans at the famous venue in La Villette.

After two successful sold-out concerts at the Olympia last May, Luidji plans to aim even higher. The rapper is set to make his debut at the Zenith in Paris this spring. Make a note of these dates, you will have the chance to discover the artist live on the stage of this famous hall of La Villette, located in the 19th district of the capital.

French writer Tsuji not only writes novels, he is also a talented musician. For his special concert at the Olympia on 29 May 2023, Tsuji will be accompanied by Parisian musicians who have been his friends for many years. Expect a moving and poetic performance. Although he was the lead singer of the rock band ECHOES in the 1980s, Tsuji went on to form the band ZAMZA and released an album in the US, where he toured twice. Today, as a true troubadour, Tsuji regularly performs solo with songs with refined lyrics!

Surrounded by his Parisian musician friends, Tsuji will perform his hits, as well as Japanese and French classics, in this exceptional concert. This evening promises to be a moment of poetry and emotion to be savoured without moderation for all lovers of Japanese music.

The latest releases of the clips :

Elderbrook's "Talk It Over" featuring Vintage Culture has been released by MINE RECORDINGS. It is taken from the album "Little Love" which will be available from 31st March.

For fans who wish to discover Elderbrook live, he will be performing at the Trabendo on 16 May 2023.

The track "OHM" by Martin Kohlstedt is released under his own label "EDITION KOHLSTEDT".

It is taken from the album "Feld" which will be available from 31 March. Fans of the artist will also be able to see him in concert at La Scala on 4 May 2023.

Artists to follow :

Heskis is back with the video for "Coeur"!

Heskis is a rapper who appreciates the diversity of musical sounds such as Boom Bap, Trap, Cloud... Moreover, he has a global knowledge of French rap and is totally in tune with artistic independence.

We could hear him on the track "La Haine" by Jazzy Bazz in collaboration with Infinit and Jarod; After teasing his first single "Holla Back" in collaboration with Jewel Usain a few months ago, Heskis is back with his brand new project entitled "Plot Twist".

Between ultra-referenced technical rap and new wave, the rapper from Nantes offers an introspective formula where the writing takes precedence, thus confirming his status as one of the top lyricists of the current scene

A former member of the 5Majeur collective in the early and mid 2010s, Heskis released his first solo EP "GG Allin" in 2017, which was very well received by critics who put him on the French rap map. He then collaborated with legend The Alchemist in 2018 on the track "Perimeter" via the project "Paris LA Brussels", before taking a musical break.

He returned in 2021 with the track 'Burn out' followed by several other tracks until the release of the 4-track EP 'Holla' in the summer of 2022, followed by his collaboration with Jewel Usain on the track 'Holla Back' in October. In "Plot Twist", Heskis tells the story of a character who hits rock bottom and decides to learn to accept himself in order to heal and transform his weaknesses into super powers.

Accompanied by producers Gvrvgist, Plae Casi, Dusty Goldstein, Wan'R and Zack, as well as rappers Joey Larsé, Plae Casi and Jewel Usain, Heskis delivers a dark, heavy universe, but one that is overflowing with hope and the rage to overcome. With a writing style that is as sharp as it is ugly, as introspective as it is ego-trip, as sharp as it is accessible, Heskis perfectly embodies the rallying point that French rap has been missing between the old and the new school.

Heskis is back with the video for "Coeur"!


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