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AstralsOnX is a label of NFT artists on XRPLedger. It is a multi-collection NFT multimedia studio offering unrivalled blue-chip NFT art/music/film.

The AstralsOnX project consists of 'in-house' and 'recruited' NFT artists who will provide XRPL with collections of visual and musical NFT art. Its mission is to provide the wider NFT community with innovative, commercial-quality NFT music, film and art. In short, as it stands today, the AstralsOnX project will start creating NFT collections as soon as the superior XLS-20D technology is activated on the XRP network.

They are producing music and visual arts NFTs. Founding member Charles Ratteray has over 20 years' experience as a professional screenwriter in the film and television industry, having worked on projects for companies such as Lucas Films, Marvel Studios, FX Studios, Netflix Studios, and many others. Charles' Twitter account is @INKKILLER2 and his professional portfolio can be viewed at

Their inaugural NFT collection is called Mayhem Mob, featuring a ruthless gang of outlaw bikers unleashed on the XRPL. The Mayhem Mob collection is a multi-layered, logic-based project with a detailed roadmap and LitePaper, offering plenty of interesting twists and turns. The Mayhem Mob NFT project incorporates the concept of SRO (Shared Revenue Ownership). This means that holders of these Mayhem Mob NFTs will be eligible to receive a share of royalties from the secondary market and commercial use. Mayhem Mob will be a multi-generational PFP project with mysterious surprises along the way. The total offer for Mayhem Mob will be between 5,000 and 10,000 (to be confirmed).

Join them in this groundbreaking artistic experience where music, visual arts and technology come together to create something truly unique and exciting. Stay tuned for more information about Mayhem Mob and get ready to dive into a world full of mayhem and creativity.

Discover an example with Mike Rebel, an exceptional musical artist.

The Mike Rebel series consists of six fully animated NFT (AMV) video clips featuring renowned artists such as Gucci Mane, French Montana, T-Pain, Ceelo Green, Nelly, and even a posthumous tribute to Nipsey Hussle (RIP). These NFT collections offer a unique reward to their owners: a 10% share of the revenue generated by secondary sales.

In addition to this earning opportunity, owners of Mike Rebel NFTs can also benefit from future commercial use rights, whether in film, television or the music industry. In these cases, they will receive an equivalent proportion of the revenues.

Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Mike Rebel and become a privileged holder of these unique NFTs. It's an artistic and financial experience not to be missed!

There are two ways to join the AstralsOnX NFT ecosystem early. The first is to purchase and/or acquire the ASTRAL genesis NFT. This is a limited edition AI-assisted art collection of 420 units, offering a unique rarity. Owners of this Astral NFT genesis will be able to choose an NFT free of charge from each of the 10 artist collections we are launching under the AstralsOnX label. By owning an Astral NFT, you will be rewarded with 10 additional NFTs from our range of exclusive artists. To date, around 40% of the Astral [Genesis] NFT collection is still available on the XRPL DEX.

The other way to join the AstralsOnX project and gain access to our future content is to take part in the public sale or the waiting list when each collection is launched. In short, owning an Astral NFT is equivalent to a total of 11 NFTs for the holder. In addition, Astral NFT holders will receive our native utility token, the $AURORA, on a monthly basis. This token will play a central role in the overall AstralsOnX economy for years to come.


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